Friday, March 30, 2012

Youth Is Wasted On The Young (aka Me)

As I may or may not have mentioned before, I pretty much spend all my free time (and I have a lot) at home, watching movies or TV shows. This has always been something I enjoyed but recently, I found myself starting to feel like I am wasting my life. I'm in my 20's, I'm single and I have a pretty well paying job. I should be out there partying, meeting new people and doing thing I was too young to do in my teens and would be too old to do in my 30's. This should be the time to explore new things, have adventures, and just go crazy. I want to do all of those things but the problem is, I have no one to do them with.  I want to dress up, go out partying and hopefully meet guys but that's not easy when your friends from high school are all in committed relationships and their idea of fun is chilling at home or going out with their guys. On the other hand, my friends from college are busy with med school and when they're not, they have their med school friends to do all those things with. That leaves just me, alone, with no one to do anything with.

Sometimes I wish I had more friends. Sometimes I wish the friends I do have, were up to doing crazy things. I want excitement in my life. I mean I do enjoy our usual videoke nights but it gets pretty tiring after several years. Can't we do something different every once in a while? Like go to a club or something? It's kind of embarrassing to admit especially at my age, but I've never gone clubbing with my friends. For many years I've told myself that it just wasn't our thing but lately I realized that yes, I do like dancing in the crowd, I do like dressing up and being ogled at by total strangers, and I do like being hit on by guys even though I would never  admit it.

I love my friends to bits. I just wish we actually did "stuff" together. Crazy stupid stuff. Stuff that we'd probably regret right after doing them. Stuff that when we are old, we can look back on, smile and say "Yeah, I was awesome back then.".

It kind of really sucks to sit at home every Friday or Saturday night. It feels like the whole world is having a huge party and you're not invited.