Wednesday, June 26, 2013

You Only Live Once

Updates! AR and I are no longer in contact with each other. He invited me to a movie but we didn't really push through with it. We texted each other for a while but our conversations never really went anywhere and eventually I guess we both just stopped trying. It really wasn't meant to be. He was nice enough but there just wasn't any chemistry between us. It doesn't really matter that much to me anyway. Like I said, whatever happens, I will always be glad that I decided to go on that "date".

Anyway, another big news is that R has left to go work in Singapore. I still can't believe she's gone. We had a little send off party for her the other week. We got all dressed up and went out for drinks. We've all been friends for more than a decade but that was the first time we went out to an actual club. I'm usually not a huge fan of loud and crowded places but I seriously had a blast. My legs hurt from standing around and dancing all night and my credit card definitely felt the damage as well. I'm almost twenty five and I just now realized that I actually like going out dancing. T felt the same. We were both feeling pretty stressed about work and we needed to unwind. And for that reason, the very next week, (last Friday), we found ourselves yet again at the same club. R has left for Singapore a couple of days before so it was just M,I, T and me. We danced, we drank, and got approached by some guys.It was great. I and  M had work the next day so they had to leave at around 1am. Me and T were still having a good time so we decided to stay. A few minutes later, two guys approached us. I wasn't really interested at first because I just wanted to have a good time with T, but because the guy I was talking to was pretty hot (and because of the obscene amount of alcohol I had in my system), I thought "Why the hell not?". We started dancing, innocently enough at first but then we ended up grinding up on each other. A few minutes later, his hands were all over me and my hands were all over him and there was kissing involved. I found out a little later that he had a girlfriend. They've been together for six years. I thought about giving him the boot right then and there but I didn't. At that point I don't think I would have cared if he was married. He tried getting me to go with him to the men's room but I was stopped by a bouncer posted at the door. We continued flirting right at the bar and he was asking me to go home with him. I told him it wasn't happening. All this was going on while T was busy with her guy. They were majorly flirting and making out. Did I mention that T has a boyfriend? Well, she does. And I reminded her of this fact quite a number of times. They've been having problems recently and at that moment, I guess she just wanted to forget about him for a while. Things were heating up and before I knew it, me and the guy were totally all over each other. His hands were on my ass, breasts, you name it. And mine were on his crotch. He asked me to put my hand inside his pants but the bouncer behind him was giving me the stink eye so I decided against it. After a while, he and his friend whispered to each other and he grabbed my hand and said "Let's go."

At this point, I was pretty drunk so I just took his hand and he led me out of the club. I asked T where we were going and she told me we were going back to their place. I told her that no, we weren't. We were going home. She was pretty set on going home with the guy and I couldn't very well leave her, so against my better judgement, I went too. Their place was pretty far and by the time we got there, my guy was already half asleep. I was honestly scared as shit. I had never gone home with a stranger before and as you probably know by now, I've never had sex so I was extremely nervous. I didn't want my first time to be a one night stand with a complete stranger. However hot said stranger may be.

We got to the bedroom, and as soon as he got on the bed, he fucking fell asleep. Can you believe it? It's kind of really funny and infuriating at the same time. A part of me is totally bummed that he flirted with me all night, got me to go home with him and then he falls asleep. But a bigger part of me is relieved that nothing happened between us. Had he not fallen asleep, I don't think I could have said no to him. He lied down and pulled me to him and we both fell asleep. Okay, I didn't really sleep at all. I just lay there tossing and turning. As much as it felt good to be sleeping next to a really hot guy, I just couldn't get comfortable because said hot guy was still a complete stranger and I still had no idea where I was. Add to that the fact that T and her guy were having sex and they were so fucking loud.

After I don't know how long, they finished and T "woke me up" so we could go. Her guy walked us out and got us on a cab. My guy didn't even wake up. It was like he was in a freakin coma or something. The cab ride home took forever. And it cost us a fortune. Up to now, I still have no idea where we ended up. T's boyfriend kept calling all through the cab ride home. It was awkward. We got home a little past 7am.

She later told me that she had sex with the guy twice and they didn't use protection. Being the responsible friend that I was, I looked up morning after pills and made her go to the drug store to buy some. She was really nervous and I was nervous for her. And then there was the issue of whether or not she should tell her boyfriend. I told her not to. Because what good would come of it, right? Her boyfriend didn't take her calls all day. She was convinced that he knew but I told her not to say anything. They met up the next day and they're totally fine now. T said that her boyfriend was really making an effort. She had considered breaking up with him but now she's having second thoughts. I asked her if she plans on contacting the other guy again. She said no. Not unless she gets pregnant, which I hope to God doesn't happen. I, on the other hand, am desperate to see my guy again which would be difficult because I didn't get his number. Or his last name.

We talked a great deal about the incident and just how stupid we were, going home with two complete strangers. We were lucky that nothing happened and we didn't end up murdered and dumped in a ditch somewhere. Despite everything, T and I agreed that we still had a pretty good time. No regrets. Would we be going out again? Probably not anytime soon. And probably not just the two of us. We tend to get in trouble when it's just the two of us. The problem is, I can't seem to wanna stop going out and meeting guys. I don't know what's happening to me. Maybe it's a quarter life crisis thing, or whatever. I feel like I only have a limited amount of time to get all of this out of my system. I feel like I'm running out of time. Does that make sense? Anyway, we both agreed to lay low for a while.

It's officially one month before my twenty fifth birthday and  I plan on celebrating it at that very same club with my friends. I can not wait to go out, get drunk, and get picked up by guys again. I know that's terrible, but as they say, YOLO.

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